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Ecological sustainability as a focus in apprenticeship training

By anchoring various sustainability modules in the apprenticeship training, a holistic awareness of sustainability is created.

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In order to live sustainability and not just talk about it, we need to change our behavioral patterns. Companies are challenged here, but so are each individual. In order for this transformation to succeed, the first step is to create the necessary knowledge. For this reason, a program was developed that permanently integrates ecological sustainability into apprenticeship training.

In addition to information events on the subject of the climate crisis, the focal points of nutrition, mobility and sustainable energy were defined. Each year, a focus is set and implemented using various formats. In addition to keynotes from experts, there are also workshops where you can do something yourself and also joint projects with which you can experience your own effectiveness.

Compared to a higher education school, there is little time and space for content outside of subject-specific training. This program provides time to appropriately incorporate the topic of sustainability here as well.

of innovation

  • Permanent and long-term integration of sustainable topics in training

  • Building knowledge and applying it in your own life

  • additional argument for this doctrine

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Project status: "Ongoing"

Contact: Barbara Hütter & Karin Pirolt

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Support from Next-Incubator

As an innovation hub for sustainability, the next-incubator has know-how and a large network in the field of sustainability. Coupled with the ability to develop programs, this modular format was created together with those responsible for apprenticeship training.