What's next

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The podcast What's next by next-incubator about sustainable innovations and ideas that the world needs now. Christa Kloibhofer-Krampl goes in search of answers as to how our world can continue.

video podcast

11 ideas for a better world

The first season of What's next is all about ideas for a better world and the people behind these ideas who live and implement the visions every day.

Christa Kloibhofer-Krampl talks to data activist David Jablonski, Markta.at-Founder Theresa Imre, Verena Kassar from Das Gramm and Anna Pribil from Psychologists for Future. The episodes appear every 2 weeks on Thursdays on all common audio streaming platforms. Do you have any questions, ideas or feedback? Then please write to us: christa.kloibhofer-krampl@e-steiermark.com

#4: Education without privilege

Severin Broucek on the current status of access to education in Austria, which visions make sense for our children's education & how we do it Teach for Austria can help!

#3: How the climate affects the psyche

A conversation with Anna Pribil from Psychologists for Future Austria about climate anxiety, what it does to the psyche and what concrete tips there are for those affected.

#2: Data Activism

An interview with David Jablonski, co-initiator of klimadashboard.at "We need common data because we need common truths”

#1: Revolutionize the food industry

Teresa Imre, founder of markta.at about fair payment for farmers, the world food market and how we deal with food