Idea 'inlet rake'

Idea workshop: We are developing an AUTOMATED rake cleaning machine

In an ideas workshop, trainees from Energie Steiermark designed solutions for an automated rake cleaning machine for Green Power GmbH.

What you should know

The innovation

The trainees at Energie Steiermark were confronted with the problem that the inflow to the turbine at a hydroelectric power station was clogged with various flotsam. In a moderated brainstorming process, the participants developed a concept for an automated rack cleaning machine.

Why is that so important? Flotsam is caught on a grid in front of the turbine. The more flotsam collects, the less water reaches the turbine. The consequence is a reduced performance of the turbine. Using various methods such as visualization of the system components or the 9-window tool, the trainees were guided from the task to the idea to the concept.

There are currently 3 proposals that are now being checked for feasibility and cost-effectiveness. In the next step, the automated rake cleaning system is assembled by the trainees and installed at the power plant.

Natel Energy

of innovation

  • Trainees get the opportunity to actually develop something

  • Getting to know creative processes for brainstorming

  • Follow-up project to the pilot project with the American startup NATEL

  • Development of an individual solution

We'll keep you up to date

Project status: "Ongoing"

More information about NATEL:

Contact person: Georg Nistl

We shape the future

Support from Next-Incubator

As a subsidiary of Energie Steiermark, the next-incubator has in-depth know-how in the area of ​​brainstorming and creative processes. In addition, we have already accompanied the startup NATEL, from which the turbine is installed in the specific power plant. It is precisely with this expertise that the next-incubator accompanies the department for technical training and Green Power GmbH in this process.