Natel Energy

Environment and fish friendly hydropower technology

Natel Energy has developed a highly efficient hydroelectric turbine that is particularly suitable for low heads and can be passed by fish without harm.

What you should know

The innovation

Natel Energy develops sustainable, climate-friendly hydropower, made possible by fish-safe turbines and powerful predictive analytics.

Natel Energy's international team designs and builds fish-safe, powerful and compact turbine runners. Natel thus reduces the permit and installation costs and at the same time supports the fish passage downstream.

As a developer of sustainable hydropower, Natel Energy modernizes hydroelectric power plants and develops new projects using their fish-safe turbine.

Natel Energy

of innovation

  • Environmentally friendly hydropower technology

  • Powerful and compact turbine runners

  • Safe fish passability

  • Reduction of permit and installation costs

We'll keep you up to date

Project status: "Ongoing"

Contact person: Patrick Landerl

We shape the future

Support from Next-Incubator

As a subsidiary of Energie Steiermark, the next-incubator has in-depth know-how in the field of energy production and hydroelectric power plants. It is precisely with this expertise that the next-incubator accompanies the start-up Natel Energy in the implementation of pilot projects.