Zero waste office

Saving resources and reducing waste in the office

By means of concrete measures & recommendations for action, the office is transformed from the next-incubator into a zero waste office.

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“Zero Waste is about rethinking and rethinking habits that have crept in over the last few decades, both in private life and in the company. We have evolved into a consumer and throwaway society. Our lifestyle and consumer behavior, but also industry and the economy, require more resources than our planet can provide. This puts a strain on the climate and the environment, and this is exactly where the Zero Waste movement comes in, which is looking for solutions and showing how resource-saving behavior can succeed.”

It is important to us to transform our office step by step into a zero waste office. A lot has already been worked out and some of it has also been permanently implemented.

  • Trash cans by desks have been removed. Instead, there is now a separate container for each category that is labeled and placed in a fixed location. You have to get up now and take away the rubbish. the danger of throwing everything away unsorted in the garbage can by the desk has been reduced as a result.

  • Collection containers for batteries have been set up and these are regularly taken to central collection points so that professional disposal is guaranteed.

  • In order to be able to reduce waste when making coffee, we decided to use a filter machine. Instead of paper coffee filters, we use a fabric one that is washed out daily with clear water and can be reused immediately.

  • If you want a coffee to go, we have a few back cups brought to the office. This is a reusable deposit cup from the city of Graz. You can get this for €1 and have it filled anywhere. If you want to return it, you can easily do so in the numerous partner companies. You will then receive the deposit back.

  • For our food errands we have brought plastic dishes from home which can be washed in the dishwasher. Single-use packaging is therefore no longer necessary.

  • In order not to consume any electricity unnecessarily, we have installed a toggle switch at every desk to which all devices are connected. Press the switch once and the workstation is off the grid. This also applies to our kitchen appliances.

  • Our printer is used sparingly. We have set ourselves the goal of halving the number of our prints compared to previous years. Furthermore, we use recycled paper for our reduced printouts.

  • Office supplies are no longer ordered for the time being. Each of us has countless writing utensils or always gets something as a give-away. These are collected centrally and anyone can use them if necessary. Notepads are unnecessary because we still have enough waste paper.

  • In order to receive as few or no paper advertising mailings, magazines and journals as possible, we ask the respective senders to remove us from the mailing list in the interests of sustainability, and this is largely met with understanding. We can be reached in digital form at any time.

  • For our event catering, we opt for vegetarian food in organic quality from caterers in our immediate vicinity. We prefer socially committed companies that pay attention to regionality, seasonality and sustainability.

of innovation

  • Resource conservation & waste reduction in the office

  • Cost reduction through fewer purchases

  • Permanent behavioral change of the employees

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Project status: "Ongoing"

Contact person: Andrea Prattes

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Support from Das Gramm & Verena Kassar

As an innovation hub for sustainability, the next-incubator has know-how and a large network in the field of sustainability. A partner from this network is Verena Kassar, founder of Das Gramm und The Gram Academy. She provided comprehensive advice and is always available to the team for questions.