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Powerledger has developed an energy and flexibility trading platform that enables households, organizations and the grid itself to trade energy.

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The innovation

Due to the switch to renewable energies, the higher-level energy grid must also change. With the increase in solar and wind power, the grid needs to be decentralized rather than centralized to be responsive.

That is why Powerledger develops energy marketplaces for its customers based on blockchain technologies. This allows a wide variety of players on the network to trade and track energy in real time. In this way, not only companies but also private households can sell or buy their energy. This helps to create a flexible energy system that will also be resilient and stable in the future.


of innovation

  • Resilient and stable energy markets

  • Improved responsiveness through decentralized systems

  • Energy transactions can be carried out without intermediaries

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Project Status: "Completed"

Contact person: Mathias Schaffer


We shape the future

Support from Next-Incubator

As a subsidiary of Energie Steiermark, the next-incubator has in-depth know-how in the field of energy innovations. It is precisely with this expertise that the next-incubator accompanies the Powerledger project in the market launch.