Energy cell JOHANN

Innovative system for climate-friendly energy self-sufficiency

Energy autonomy and renewable energy generation systems are increasingly in demand. Accordingly, it is necessary to research new ways of generating and storing renewable energies and adapting them to the needs of the users.

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The innovation

This is exactly what the "JOHANN" energy cell research project is dealing with. The new technology for seasonal energy storage will be demonstrated using three different use cases. The aim is to use these demonstrations to answer relevant research questions and to further develop the "JOHANN" energy cell for market launch.

The "JOHANN" energy cell was developed by the Austrian company EEG Elements Energy GmbH and is a cost-effective hydrogen-based energy storage device that can store several hundred kWh of energy and release it again on demand. JOHANN achieves an overall efficiency of 90 percent (electricity 30 to 40 percent) and is particularly economical. In addition to the possibility for prosumers to be completely independent of the higher-level energy grid, there is also potential for solutions to the challenges of a future integrated energy system.

The research project is not only intended to optimize the energy cell, but also to develop tailor-made business models with the involvement of customers and energy-relevant stakeholders. To this end, the desired solutions are integrated into broad technology assessment studies and a life cycle analysis in order to derive the macroeconomic effects.

Energy cell JOHANN

of innovation

  • Hydrogen-based energy storage with the option of seasonal energy storage

  • Allows the prosumer autonomy

  • Is sustainable and relatively inexpensive

  • Further development of the technology based on the project results

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Project Status: "Completed"

Contact person: Mathias Schaffer

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Support from Next-Incubator

As a subsidiary of Energie Steiermark, the next-incubator has in-depth know-how in the field of decentralized energy storage. It is precisely with this expertise that the next-incubator accompanies the start-up JOHANN on the way to market maturity.