Fast and targeted analysis of building’s energy efficiency

By using sensors and innovative algorithms, the ioAirFlow solution helps building owners and operators to quickly and cost-effectively identify weak points in terms of energy consumption and indoor air quality and subsequently make improvements to increase energy efficiency and comfort in the long term. The ioAirFlow solution is primarily used in commercial buildings.

What you should know

The innovation

IoAirFlow's platform prioritizes optimizing building operations to improve indoor air quality (IAQ), increase energy efficiency, improve ventilation and reduce utility costs. The wireless sensors collect high-quality indoor environmental quality (IEQ) data in a fraction of the time it would take for a manual test.

The software is designed to help identify problem areas in spaces, and an automated analytics platform provides simple, actionable reports to help make smarter, healthier, and more cost-effective building decisions.


of innovation

  • Reliable data to make better decisions about energy efficiency and air quality

  • Wireless sensor that allows use in multiple rooms

  • Prioritization of optimization measures by the software

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Project status: Completed

Contact person: Gernot Schröck

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Support from Next-Incubator

As a subsidiary of Energie Steiermark, the next-incubator has in-depth know-how in the field of energy innovations. With this expertise, the next-incubator accompanies the ioAirFlow project in this pilot project.