Technological concept for network-friendly charging

The friendlyCharge project is dedicated to the development of an innovative charging infrastructure for e-mobility in residential areas in order to enable demand- and network-friendly charging without restrictions for users (e-vehicles). For this purpose, an innovative interface for near real-time communication between the network and the user is being developed and demonstrated. In addition to the technical concept, the project deals with requirements in the area of ​​communication security as well as the legal and regulatory framework.

What you should know

The innovation

Technological concept for network-friendly charging based on an interface: Development of an innovative technological concept that enables near real-time communication between the power grid and users. This means that the charging of electric vehicles can be optimally coordinated with the capacities of the network. Development of forecast models and algorithms to determine (almost) real-time network capacities.
Analysis of communication security requirements and impacts on the communication network.

Regulatory framework and business models: Consideration of regulatory aspects and deriving recommendations for action to ensure smooth implementation. Development of innovative tariff and business models to support and promote the implementation of innovative charging concepts.


of innovation

  • Recommendations for enabling user- and network-friendly charging

  • development of business models

  • Analysis of the legal-regulatory framework

  • Communication security

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