Circular economy in the healthcare sector


Circular economy pursues the objective of maintaining the lifespan and value of products and their components for as long as possible and thereby generating ecological and ecomonic added value.

The Human Technology Styria Cluster, a hub of around 140 companies from the healthcare sector and partner of the Next-Incubator, has recognized the need and the potential to identify and initiate future paths in the field of circular economy for healthcare facilities.
For this reason, the Next-Incubator, in cooperation with the Human Technology Styria Clusterinitiated and implemented a workshop series on circular economy in the health sector.

What you should know


Deep Dive Circular Economy:
Overview and approach to circular economy from a subject matter expert.
Elaboration and evaluation of the essential subject areas for healthcare facilities.
Preparation and visualization of the content for further communication and awareness raising in the companies.

Current information and inputs:
Circular business models and their implementation.
Implementation examples from the healthcare sector, as well as examples of the implementation of new circular business models.

Overview of circular business models and approaches including showing best practice examples from the healthcare sector and related industries.
Ideas and implementation details of the topics selected by the participants.

Pilot implementation:
The decision and implementation of pilots based on the results of the idea takes place in the respective company. The visualizations created as part of the workshop series serve to optimally prepare and present the ideas and objectives for the implementation decision.

The innovation

  • Use of targeted formats and methods

  • Involvement of different experts
    – Human Technology Styria
    – Next Incubator
    – healthcare facilities
    – Circular Economy Forum Austria
    – Visualist

  • Ongoing inputs and insights via our own project page, which is available to companies in the circular economy in the long term.

We'll keep you up to date

Project status: Completed

A pilot project is already in the conception phase and others are in the detailed implementation phase.
In addition, a regular exchange is planned to share experiences and to initiate new cooperation and further implementation projects.

Contact person: Gernot Schröck

We shape the future

Support from Next-Incubator

As an innovation hub for sustainability, the next-incubator has know-how and a large network in the field of sustainability and circular economy. Coupled with the ability to develop programs, this modular format was created together with the Human Technology Styria Cluster.