Sustainable & inclusive business model

Sustainable Business Model Canvas with/for life size

By means of selected workshops, opportunities, wishes and talents of the employees of the inclusive editors of Lebensgross are developed in order to generate new business models.

What you should know

The schedule

We held an innovation workshop together with the team from the inclusive editors at Lebensgross. The aim was to create the opportunity to reflect on what everyone has for wishes and talents and where the participants also see challenges. Derived from this, the first ideas were collected on how to increase and/or change the area of ​​responsibility. We transferred the results to a Sustainable Business Model Canvas.

In another workshop, this canvas is completed and the goal is to have thought through an idea so far that you can start with an implementation/pilot project.

of innovation

  • Possibility of participation and co-creation for the participants

  • Generating ideas that are more inclusive and therefore relevant to many people

  • Breaking down prejudices

We'll keep you up to date

Project status: "Ongoing"

Contact person: Christa Kloibhofer-Krampl

We shape the future

As an innovation hub for sustainability, the next-incubator has know-how and a large network in the field of sustainability. Life-size and the inclusive editorial team complement this network and bring expertise in the field of inclusion and diversity.