Charging the e-car with a credit or debit card

amplicity has developed a terminal that makes it easy to pay with a credit or debit card. The payment terminal connects automatically and wirelessly to existing charging stations and can therefore be easily retrofitted.

What you should know

The innovation

amplicity aims to make the payment process when charging the e-car simple, transparent and barrier-free in terms of payment options. The need for your own charging card, a separate app or a contract is therefore not necessary. The possibility of paying with a credit or debit card in addition to mobile phone payment options using a QR code removes a hurdle for e-vehicle users, especially in areas close to the boarder.

The terminal from amplicity can be connected to any charging point, connects automatically and can therefore be easily retrofitted. A commission model is planned for the loading point operator, which means that there are no initial fixed costs.


of innovation

  • Additional payment option for the customer

  • No major conversion of existing loading points necessary

  • No fixed costs for the operator (commission model planned)

We'll keep you up to date

Project status: Completed

Contact person: Patrick Landerl

We shape the future

Support from Next-Incubator

As Tnext-incubator, the innovation hub for sustainability at Energie Steiermark, we have know-how in the field of e-mobility. It is precisely with this expertise that the next-incubator accompanies the start-up amplicity in the implementation of pilot projects.