energy as a service in sustainable business ecosystems


Energy as a service in sustainable business ecosystems

Develop innovative Energy as a Service business models together and learn more about building business ecosystems and how they can make a significant contribution to the success of your company.

The energy transition and the increasing focus on sustainability offer companies in the energy sector a variety of options, but also increase the level of complexity. The “Energy as a Service” (EaaS) concept offers innovative and circular solutions. However, these can only be successfully implemented in collaboration with other service providers and by involving customers in service development. Existing business models are being restructured under the primacy of interaction and shared value creation with partners in business ecosystems.

In our workshop, we will work with you to examine the diverse potential of Energy as a Service, with a particular focus on the tried-and-tested structure of business ecosystems.

target audience

  • Potential providers of EaaS services
  • Users of EaaS solutions (companies in the real estate sector, industry, etc.)
  • Interested in the methodology of developing cross-industry business ecosystems

Workshop topics

  • Recognize needs: What are the main requirements of customers for EaaS solutions?
  • Generate ideas: Which innovative business models for EaaS are conceivable?
  • Outline ecosystem: Which actors and framework conditions for EaaS are required for the successful implementation of EaaS? What can gradual expansion look like? What are stumbling blocks and good practices?

Benefit for you

  • Discuss and develop the latest trends and developments in the field of EaaS together with experts
  • Learn from experts in the field of ecosystems and make valuable cross-industry contacts with other players
  • Work with us to develop innovative business models and solutions for energy supply in the areas of electricity, cooling and heat

The speakers

Dr. Stefanie Augen-Dickhut

Head CC Ecosystems Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen

Gernot Schrock

Project & business model development, next-incubator

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Energy as a service in sustainable business ecosystems


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